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Hope for a better future (H4BF) is a registered Non-Profit Organization established by a group determined and committed young men and women with enhanced vision on humanitarian and community development. Our aim is to evolve policies, programs and strategies for the protection and empowerment of women, children and vulnerable people especially, persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Cameroon. H4BF has been an active partner and a strong advocate in the fields of Gender Equity, Good Governance, Child Protection, and Gender-Based Violence, Peace Building, and Environmental Protection.

In its first 3 years of its existence, H4BF Cameroon did not only succeed in putting up significant work in various areas of development, but built up models for such activity for replication, and have tremendously scaled-up in recent times. Download 2020 annual report 


Hope for a better future is tasked with increasing and ensuring the protection of civilian population especially those affected by insecurity, conflict, displacement and human rights violation especially persons with disabilities and empowering them towards self-sustainability. We are also tasked in ensuring that children and women are not physically, sexually, or psychologically abused, neglected or exploited, within their homes.

Integrated Health & Nutrition

We articulate access to basic health and care services, promoting sexual and reproductive health in women and girls and the rights combatting & preventing malnutrition in children within communities. We also ensure the provision of portable drinking water to needy and underprivileged communities.

Environment Protection

H4BF seeks to address this through sustainable agriculture, wild life protection and renewable energy, by strengthening resilience and coping capacities to facilitate recovery from soci-economic shocks through sustainable agriculture & wildlife protection and to accelerate sustainable development within communities.

Education Program

We articulate our commitment to the education of the poorest and the excluded. We contribute to ensuring that youths especially the girls have certain levels of livelihood, literacy, numeracy and social-emotional skills. We also enhance and build youth capacity in Peace Resolution and activism. We also enhance youth capacity on marketable and self-sustaining computer skills like office automation, Web and graphic designs.

H4BF’s mission is to provide humanitarian assistance in crisis situations including famine, disaster, natural disasters, armed conflicts and to contribute to sustainable development within communities in Cameroon in order to help people acquire their own autonomy.


Emergency Support Needed to build resilience of Vulnerable women!!!

$50 can assist with financial training and establishing Savings Groups

The humanitarian needs in NWSW is greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) was first identified in Wuhan, China, in December 2019 and has spread all over the world. 

With this outbreak of COVID 19, the existing gender inequalities and vulnerabilities and risks of abuse is increasing in Cameroon; women and girls may be at higher risk of intimate partner violence and other forms of domestic violence due to heightened tensions in the household and confinement.

We build the resilience of women and their families, improve gender equality, and support the development of women’s livelihoods through achieving two main objectives, 1) Increase financial access for vulnerable women, particularly in rural areas, and 2) improve quality of financial services, tailored to meet women’s needs.


We are excited to present the the public our newly established Vocational training institute (HOBEFI). Our ambition in this project

potentially important food plants

The book entitled: Potentially Important Food Plants of Cameroon is designed in both French and English, as a simple introduction

H4BF amongst other NGOs has been trained on #GBVIMS, a Gender Based Violence information management system internationally accepted as a

Our computer lab is set for the 2020 – 2021 sessionCourse offered included MS Office Website Design Graphic Design Video

The ongoing crisis in the restive North West and South West regions of Cameroon has forced many inhabitants of the

The battle against COVID-19 is far from over. H4BF and Partners UNDP and Global Aid For Africa are committed to

At H4BF, we are committed to taking humanitarian services to those in need no matter the difficulties.

As the crisis rocking the North West and the South West regions continue unabated, women continue to bear the brunt.

Apart from serious implications on the health of the population of Donga Mantung Division in the NW region of Cameroon,

H4BF joins the United Nation and the rest of the world to celebrate the World Environment Day 2020 under the

Micro Finance and Micro Enterprises Specialist needed Location Bamenda, Cameroon Organization Hope For A Better Future (H4BF) Foundation Application Deadline

Ongoing Projects 

Increased access to quality and Inclusive basic education for crisis-affected girls and boys in safe learning environments in North West and Littoral regions Cameroon

This project targets 6,000 children and adolescents over the period January – December 2021, of which 6,000 (55%) are female. H4BF seeks funding to initiate the implementation of the project by focusing on reaching girls and boys in Wouri and Nkam in Littoral region and, Mezam and Donga Mantung in North West region Cameroon. In total, over 6000 girls and boys will access learning opportunities, including some 500 girls and boys in early learning programmes, 3000 at primary level and some 2500 at the secondary level, in both formal and non-formal education settings. • 6,000 girls and boys will access learning opportunities, including • 500 girls and boys in early learning programmes, • 3000 at primary level and • 2500 at the secondary leve

Cash-based interventions for conflict-affected populations in the Ngoketunja, Bui and Donga Mantung Division, NWR Cameroon.

This project aims to reduce the vulnerability of conflict-affected populations, including vulnerable IDPs, returnees, and host community men, women, boys, and girls, who have been significantly affected by the conflict and the subsequent waves of displacements in Ngoketunja, Bui and Donga Mantung Division. This will be achieved through the provision of multi-purpose cash assistance (MPCA) to internally displaced, host community, and returnee households across Ngoketunja, Bui and Donga Mantung Division. MPCA aims to improve beneficiaries’ access to essential goods and services of their choice, enabling them to meet their basic needs.

Addressing Women and Girl’s Sexual Reproductive Health & GBV Needs in North West and South West Cameroon

This proposed project, intends to scale-up Sexual Reproductive Health and menstrual hygiene Management support and care services for vulnerable displaced girls, young women and women living with disabilities in targeted host communities and selected schools Bui and Donga Mantung in the North West and Meme and Fako in the South West. This will be achieved through strengthening capacity of psychosocial experts and GBV case managers who will response via mobile clinics to survivors of GBV in hard to reach targeted host communities. The project aimed at building capacity of young girls and women (mostly survivors of GBV) with the confidence, knowledge and skills to manage their reproductive and menstrual health challenges safely, with dignity by breaking down stifling barriers to information, supplies and access to services, and thus reducing the dangerous risk that exposes this population.

Improving Access to Quality GBV services and Strengthening Resilience of Vulnerable Persons at Risk of Gender-Based Violence in North West, South West and West Region

On a project that directly benefits 800 female headed families (IDP's) (age 25+), 300 girls(age 15-24) 50 boys (age 18-25), 100 returnees and 50 disabled persons in 20 host communities within Bui, Donga Mantung in the North West region, Manyu and Meme in the southwest and Noun in the West region, H4BF rehearse dignity of vulnerable IDP’s. H4BF will improve access to Quality GBV services and strengthen their resilience, H4BF shall provide standardized dignity kits, access to quality PSS to women, girls, boys, men of reproductive age as well as strengthening their resilience through livelihood support activities.

Well being & Mental health

Having good mental health, or being mentally healthy, is more than just the absence of illness, rather it’s a state of overall wellbeing. The concept is influenced by culture, but it generally relates to: Enjoyment of life. Having the ability to cope with and ‘bounce back’ from stress and sadness.

We believes that the core of a happy and fulfilled life is Inner Peace reason we mainstream in all our programs training of beneficiaries on simple techniques about developing skills of inner peace

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Our values

Core Values

Our values ​​and philosophy reflect our commitment to communities through a partnership which makes them the own masters of their recovery and development. This principle is at the heart of each of our decisions. Thus, at H4BF, we consider ourselves, as an organization and as individuals from various communities responsible for everything we do to continue to deserve the trust received.

In everything we do, we strive for transparency, fairness and integrity and thus respect six fundamental principles:

 The search for ideal elucidations for our partners and the world in which we live and function.

  • We ensure honesty and accountability in everything we do.
  • We take into account the short and the long term.
  • We lay emphasis on diversity and inclusion.
  • We also articulate mutual respect and achieving results as a team.
  • We do research and promotion of partnership.



H4BF has learnt from past projects that there is a need for deliberate targeting of women groups with armed forces, as they often do not take part in the formal release and reintegration process. women have specific requirements that need to be incorporated into programme planning to address their specific issues such as: (a) the difficulty of persuading fighting forces to release girls, (b) dealing with consequences of sexual and physical abuse, forced marriage, teenage pregnancy etc., (c) challenges in re-joining their families and communities due to stigmatization and rejection.

Our Implementing strategy ensure that the individual and different needs of girls, boys, and women are taken into consideration and addressed in the various components using a survivor centred and child centred approach.

Empower a woman entrepreneur

$20/month will offer her business training and a start up loan to better provide for her family

Work with us to build life-long relationships and memories.

The new strain of Covid-19 is more deadly and dangerous. Prevention is Better than Cure!

H4BF urges the public to keep safe from the deadly pandemic by respecting the measures put in place by the World Health Organization in order to curb the spread.