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COVID 19-Community Support Fund

The COVID-19 has impacted the entire World affecting communities to the core, therefore we are focusing our energy in providing basic support (food, cleaning and medic supplies) for the most vulnerable groups in these rural towns: the ELDERLY. This fund was created to provide small donations to communities within Cameroon. The gifts to local groups were used for community improvements such as drinking water systems, community centers, health centers, development activities, and others.

Food Security for 1,800 Villagers in Cameroon

H4BF! will install a drip irrigation network in the women's cooperative community garden located at H4BF!'s training and demonstration center in Bafia, center region, Cameroon. The purpose of this project is to reduce the cost and time-intensive labor needed to grow vegetables using hand watering and to increase the size of the year-round irrigated garden plot by 75%.recent times.

Keep 1000 internally displaced children in school in Cameroon

This project aims to make a difference in the lives of internally displaced children in host communities by investing in their education. Books, dictionaries, school bags, educational toys, shoes and winter clothing will be provided to 1000 internally displaced children and underprivileged students every school year. This type of basic aid will support them in their learning, improve teacher effectiveness and empower students. Better educated students will be better equipped to pursue education and give back to their community in the future.

Clean Water for 1,500,000 People in Rural Cameroon

Nearly 1,000 children under age 5 die every day from diarrhea caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation, and improper hygiene. But World Vision believes the global water and sanitation crisis can be solved within our lifetimes. That's why we're focused on providing clean water and sanitation to every person in every community we work in, including the most vulnerable populations in the hardest-to-reach places. World Vision is providing clean water to one new person every 10 seconds!

Build Bright future for displaced and marginalized Girls

H4BF is providing Sustainable Livelihood to marginalized Girls of 15-24 age Group & 18-35 (youth) age group by Vocational skill training of Computer Education, Beautician, fashion designing & Sewing, Handicraft and Hand Bag making etc. Micro credits are provided through the project in order to settle self employment unit whereby the marginalized Girls of Rural area get Better and Golden future.

Environmental Education for Children

The mission of H4BF is to educate and inspire local children to value their environment and stimulate community development. H4BF Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage works in Cameroonians bush to educate local children about the environment and ignite their passion for wildlife. Each week, H4BF welcomes eight new students to our camp to attend lessons, do activities, and interact with the animals in our wildlife orphanage.

Life-saving primary care for 5,000 rural Cameroonians

All March gifts will go to coronavirus preventive equipment for H4BF nurses. This project will enable H4BF to train and equip a nurse to open and run her own clinic, providing quality healthcare that will transform the lives of 5,000 rural cameroon by bringing healthcare within walking distance. Since 2012, H4BF has been empowering nurses to run clinics that save lives through prevention and treatment of common illnesses. With your support, the new clinic will serve 7,500 patient visits per year

Change a Woman/Girl's Life Through Microentrepreneurship

The Keep A Women/Girl Alive project enables conflict-affected and internally displaced young women to become economically independent. We do it through cash transfers and long-term-coaching. For a bit more than 50$, you help a woman on her way out of poverty. On average, girls make 3 times more income after being in the program, 83% of participants are out of extreme poverty today. So far, more than 180 young women of South-West Cameroon have been supported.

Inner-City Preventative Healthcare

We organize free classes in Nutrition, Dance, Meditation, Pilates, Awareness Through Movement, Meditation and others for people who are in need of preventive, non-invasive health care or treatment of chronic diseases. Providing individual non-invasive care and building partnerships with free or low cost clinics in Cameroon to help people who are in need of treatment or health guidance, providing referrals for people in need of alternative practitioners offering free or sliding scale care.

Women Driving Peace and Economic Development

Women will become empowered to enhance their wellbeing, while working with local communities to recognize that women are being marginalized and encouraging them to become more involved in decision making. The project will encourage entrepreneurial thinking and build business skills with the goal of creating better livelihoods while addressing disproportionate economic opportunities for women.The project organizes multi-layered activities ensure learning is followed up and embedded.

Empower Agents of Change

At H4BF we make the impossible possible: we bring together 50+ students from 25+ different schools in Cameroon the socio-economic spectrum. Our cross-subsidized tuition model and strong philanthropy program make it so 80% of our students to receive the financial aid they need. And we don't stop there! Our distinctive educational model, grounded on experiential learning, empowers our students to become empathic agents of change committed to shaping a better future.

Build an Education Center for Children in Cameroon

This project will keep an average of 200 children away from crime and felony that surrounds them, by building an Educational Center in Bamenda, Cameroon in a high risk social area where they live. These children will be able to use their after school time Developing Talents in areas such as music, sports and arts that will offer them a better future by enhancing their life projects with professional guidance and love.

About Us

A little Introduction About Us

Hope for a Better Future (H4BF) is a not for profit organisation recognized in 2014 per the Cameroon 1992 law of cooperative governing the law of cooperative under authorization number NW/IP/SCOOPS/001/14/232. In 2017 she was recognized as a cooperative with board of directors under degree number 17/182/CMR/NW/38/204/CCA/040000/0400004, to meet up with the developmental challenges facing the Rural Communities in Cameroon, with commitment and professional inputs backed by professional knowledge of the development dynamics of the contemporary Cameroon

In its first 3 years of its existence, H4BF CAMEROON did not only succeed in putting up significant work in various areas of development, but built up models for such activity for replication, as well as has tremendously scaled-up in recent times.

The new strain of Covid-19 is more deadly and dangerous. Prevention is Better than Cure!

H4BF urges the public to keep safe from the deadly pandemic by respecting the measures put in place by the World Health Organization in order to curb the spread.