H4BF cameroon bring together artist in Cameroon to advocate for peace via music

In the wake of the ongoing crisis plaguing the English speaking regions of Cameroon with young people including women and children being the most vulnerable and greatly affected groups of persons. Hope for a better Future (H4BF) with support from local and international organizations such as Alert Fund For Youths, Faith in the Commonwealth Youth Network, MasterPeace International, International Cities of Peace, Rotary Club-Kumbo and Peace One Day brought together a dazzling array of Young talented artists and sound engineers from the North West Region of Cameroon to produce a peace song with carefully crafted lyrics.

The song in its entirety including instrumentals and the lyrics stands in the middle, remains non-judgmental resonate Peace and sells peace like a product and seeks to tell Cameroon and the world that we all have a responsibility to make this place a better place and believes it is absolutely a possibility.
“ONE LIFE” is a reflection of passion, commitment, dedication, love and a burning desire for peace in Cameroon and world world at large. It is an apolitical and non-denominational piece of song bringing out the voices of young people who believe it will be nice if there was peace and no one getting killed. It speaks the voices of the voiceless. Listen, Like, Comment and share. Peace!!

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