Why It Matters

Young people between the ages of 15 and 35 constitute one-third of Cameroon’s population. However, youth’s influence on national politics especially in Cameroon remains limited. Because of the violence and corruption associated with politics, parents hesitate to involve the youth especially girls in politics. Perceptions of exclusion have resulted in young people seeking alternative ways to express their dissatisfaction. When frustration reaches high levels, especially in transitional and fragile states, youth may turn to civil disobedience and violence like the situation that have led to the crisis in the two English sections of Cameroon. Young people in Cameroon are beginning to grow up with a historical and political conflict that greatly impacts their lives. Through the media, they are often taught to distrust and disregard the other side.

H4BF’s ambition is to create perspective, as our deep belief is that the lack of perspective is a root cause of polarisation, extremism and migration.This is even more relevant in Cameroon, a country divided through language barriers causing internal conflicts.

H4BF is committed to providing sustainable solutions to the social problems stemming from poverty. Self-development is crucial to achieving this. By giving people training, skills and trades, we are giving them power. The power to take control and change their lives forever, and to help others do the same.

H4BF works to provide young people with access to resources, employment, and education to reduce inequality and to promote their full participation in their community. Research has shown that communities with greater gender equality experience more rapid economic growth, greater agricultural productivity, and improved food security. Increasing youths’ education and access to resources improves the education and health of their families. youths can also play critical roles as advocates for peace and as community leaders and champions of human rights.

H4BF has worked with youth in 4 regions of Cameroon, (North West, South West, Littoral and West regions of Cameroon, on a variety of projects in sectors that include employment, health, education, conflict and leadership. We employ inclusive and participatory methods to reach youth, including those that are most vulnerable and susceptible to poverty, disease and violence. By implementing youth-focused programs in economic development, health, conflict mitigation and civic engagement, H4BF enables youth to reach greater potential and secure a healthier, more sustainable future.

On February 23, 2019, Through MasterPeace Foundation, Turing Foundation on a project EN power provided funding for an establishment of a skill training center in Baffousam: Hope for a Better Future Vocational Training (HOBEFI) Institute with order No 00000256/MINEFOB/SG/SDGSF/CSACD/CBAC under the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training is in partnership with Master Peace International, Turing Foundation and Noorderpoort to prepare students for a better life with a comprehensive practical training in very useful trades and skills.



Hope For a Better Future Vocational Training Institute (HOEFI)

Location map to the center