H4BF present in the adoption of Cameroon standards operating procedures for prevention of and response to gender-based violence

As the two English speaking Regions of Cameroon continues to be the theatre of armed confrontations between the government defense forces and non-state armed groups causing multiple civilian casualties and continues to have serious consequences on livelihoods and living conditions of the affected populations.

Several partners have reported GBV incidents where survivors have received minimal medical services and/or psychosocial support thus, needs for coordinated multi-sectoral and inter-organisational interventions to prevent and respond to gender-based violence adequately, effectively and efficiently.

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a life-threatening protection, health, and human rights issue that can have devastating impact on women and children in particular, as well as families and communities. These Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been developed to facilitate joint action by all actors to prevent and respond to GBV.

The purpose of these SOPs is to strengthen good quality GBV prevention and response, including coordination in the South West and North West regions of Cameroon. Specifically, it will facilitate the development of multi-sectoral GBV prevention and response procedures, and practices, roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders involved in this humanitarian response.

SOPs enable partners including H4BF to implement the minimum standards for GBV prevention and response in the crisis and emphasizes approaches that are rights-based, community-based and survivor-centered. It is highlighting specific roles and responsibilities for GBV prevention and response including agreed upon reporting and referral systems; mechanisms for obtaining survivor consent and permission for information sharing; incident documentation and data analysis; considerations for coordination of services and monitoring

Event chaired By Cameroon GBV sub cluster lead UNFPA had H4BF represented by Founder and Director of H4BF (Ngo Abdulaui Banfogha). Also present included Cameroon Resident Representative UNFPA, North West and South West Regional Delegates of Women Empowerment and the Family Center – MINPROFF and other other NGOs intervening within North West and South West of Cameroon.

H4BF remains committed to fighting Gender based violence especially the North West and South West regions of Cameroon as the precarious security situation compounded by #COVID-19 continues to expose women to #GBV #UNFPA #MasterPeace Cameroon