H4BF at HRO Meeting for NW Suggests Priorities for Humanitarian Aid.

Hope for a Better Future (H4BF) joined counterpart NGOs and other civil society organizations to share ground experiences and views over the crises stricken North West Region and to propose possible achievable objectives within the framework to contain the priorities of the needs of affected persons in the region within a year’s period.

Taking place this Thursday October 10th at the Presbyterian Church Centre in Bamenda, the meeting was primarily aimed at examining, and outlining the various humanitarian consequences in the North West region in particular and to attempt identifying which of the needs the affected persons could be considered as priorities. given the insufficient relief funds to tackle the crisis in the region.

The meeting was attended by the active and concerned NGOs with members of the civil society of the region amongst other arms of UN such as UNHCR. It was chaired by UNOCHA officials, with Hope for a Better Future (H4BF) fully represented. After hours of concessions and work in groups, it was evident that the priorities for the various subdivisions in the NWR varied from one place to another and from one age group to another.

The meeting painted an oblique picture to the humanitarian consequences from the conflict in the North West region, given that the crisis is worsening and in order to counter the situation, there is much to be done on the ground.

In regards, it should be recalled that there has been an ongoing armed conflict on the restrictive NW and SW regions between government soldiers and separatist groups for about three years, causing a massive humanitarian disaster encompassed by loss of lives and property, internally dispersed people and refugees to neighboring Nigeria.

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