H4BF Celebrates Labour Day at the 2024 Exhibition!

We’re thrilled to share that H4BF participated in the recent 2024 Labour Day Exhibition organized by the Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) for Mezam! Held on Friday, April 26th at the SDO’s Esplanade in Bamenda-Upstation, the event served as a fantastic platform to showcase our work alongside other stakeholders.

The theme for this year’s Labour Day was “Constructive Social Dialogue, Vector of Decent Work and Social Progress,” highlighting the importance of collaboration in fostering positive workplace environments and societal advancements. H4BF’s presence at the exhibition aligned perfectly with this theme, as we actively engage with the community and strive to create a positive impact.

During the event, we had the opportunity to showcase our work at HOBEFI. This provided a valuable space to connect with attendees, share our initiatives, and learn more about the needs and interests of the Mezam community.

We’re grateful to the SDO for Mezam for organizing this important event. The 2024 Labour Day Exhibition fostered a space for collaboration, innovation, and community engagement. We look forward to participating in future events that celebrate the spirit of Labour Day and contribute to social progress.

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