H4BF Cooperative and HOBEFI Make a Splash at KACAMI in Yaounde, Seeking Investors for Sustainable Future!

Exciting news! The H4BF Cooperative and HOBEFI recently had a stellar showing at the Kakehashi African_Cameroon initiative (KACAMI) in Yaounde, Cameroon!

Our coordinator, Ngo, and Administrative Assistant, Mr. Cedric, took center stage, pitching our innovative business ideas to a captivated audience of Japanese investors and potential partners. The presentation sparked great enthusiasm and insightful discussions, paving the way for potential collaborations that contribute to the long-term sustainability of our programs.

KACAMI provided a valuable platform for us to:

Shine a Light: We showcased the groundbreaking work happening at both Hope Scoops and HOBEFI, highlighting our unwavering dedication to positive community development, with a focus on building a sustainable future for our organization through strategic partnerships.
Forge Connections: We connected with potential partners from Japan, exploring exciting avenues for collaboration and knowledge exchange. We specifically sought investors who share our vision of a self-sustaining H4BF, able to continue its impactful work for years to come.
Expand Our Network: KACAMI’s extensive networking opportunities allowed us to build valuable connections within the business landscape, prioritizing partnerships that align with our vision of long-term financial self-sufficiency.
Calling All Investors!

Are you passionate about empowering communities and building a brighter future? We are actively seeking investors who share our values and can contribute to the financial sustainability of H4BF’s programs.

We invite interested investors to contact us directly to discuss potential partnerships. Together, we can ensure the long-term impact of H4BF’s critical work in Cameroon.

Stay tuned! We’ll be sharing further updates on the developments stemming from this successful presentation.

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