H4BF Empower, Engage, Educate adolescents in Bamenda

In last mile communities in Cameroon, the average student to teacher ratio is 50 to 1. Our partner schools are poorly supplied with resources and the majority of them are without electricity. Children are literally left behind in the 21st century, struggling to keep up literacy levels and not being exposed to computers, they lack basic technology skills, and do not have access to STEAM programs. They also face barriers including the lack of clean water, no lights at home and few menstrual cycle options.
H4BF Learning Resource Center in Bamenda is equipped with 30 computers offering students and teachers the opportunity to join the 21st century with basic computer training and internet access which opens doors to the world. We now also offer STEAM classes in coding, 3D printing, and CAD. The H4BF’s library provides age appropriate books in English . Through H4BF’s work families can purchase “rent-to-own” solar lights and have access to reusable sanitary pads for their children.

Literacy measurements and national test scores will improve. More students will graduate from primary and secondary school and be college ready. Students and teachers will be computer literate and gain 21st Century skills for the marketplace.

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