H4BF & Food Plant Solutions Partners to Publish a book on Cameroon’s Food Plants

The book entitled: Potentially Important Food Plants of Cameroon is designed in both French and English, as a simple introduction to the more common food plants in Cameroon. As such, it is hoped that people will take greater pride and interest in these food plants and become confident and informed on how to grow and use them.

The book enlists and elaborates in detail the various food plants from their common names to scientific names, description, distribution, cultivation, their uses and most importantly, the food value of these food plants in the hope to illustrate to the common Cameroonian and beyond the necessity and importance of preserving and consuming these food plants.

Many of these food plants that occur in every country are good food plants but unfortunately, it is believed that people often reject these traditional food plants and grow more of introduced vegetables such as ball-head cabbage that do not have the same food value as many traditional, tropical, dark green leafy vegetables. In this delight, the book covers the most important if not the most commonly consumed food plants around Cameroon.

The 70page book has been dedicated to the 3billion hard working farmers and families around the world who cultivate these food and other food plants for their subsistence and who help reserve them in their rich diversity for others to enjoy.

Food Plant Solutions is a Rotary action group that works to enhance solutions to malnutrition and food security.

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