Hope For A Better Future (H4BF) Cameroon, launches her awareness campaign against COVID-19 pandemic.

Hope For A Better Future (H4BF) Cameroon, launches her awareness campaign against COVID-19 pandemic.
We reached out to six (6) displaced female headed families around Bamenda. In a bid to step up mitigative measures against the spread of corona virus, we therefore engaged on the immense need to sensitize these families about the severity of the pandemic (COVID-19) and the necessary obligation to implement the safety measures stipulated by WHO and the Cameroon Ministry of Public Health.

Some packages of washing utensils and detergents were donated to these families. These included tap buckets, soaps, etc. And in a bid to ensure the consistent hygiene habits in these families, they were given advice as part of the preventive measure to deliberate amongst themselves one person who will be incharge of going out to get food and other items for the rest of the family, inorder to limit careless interaction with public. The family will also ensure at this juncture that, while this person comes back home, he/she is not supposed to have an interaction or contact with another family member, but goes straight to remove his/her worn clothes, soak them in detergent for washing and must take a bath before he can have a direct contact with any other family member.

We thought as a very fundamental endeavor to build the children’s self consciousness to avoid their parents or visitors when they come back from the market or any form of outing until they’ve taken their thorough bath. They were even taught to remind their parents to bath or wash their hands as soon as they come home from outings.

The children were also taught on how to wash their hands at least 20 times daily as they play, singing a birthday song while washing their hands to ensure lengthy and thorough washing of hands. Some parents and children were trained to manage the WaSH kits and ensure availability of water in the tap buckets all day round.

This campaign will continue and other activities like sharing of food items to the most vulnerable families to enable them survive quarantine will be inclusive.
Join us limit the spread of the COVID 19 in Cameroon via: https://www.givingway.com/project/e6a6d

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