Ngo Abdulai Banfogha

Executive Director

Daisy - H4BF

Mbuameh Daisy Vuwesuh

Coordinator - Women/Girls Program

Tanwi Cisely Lem


Divine Sunjo - H4BF

Divine Sunjo Nsah

Communications Officer

Leticia Birghan - H4BF

Mbilam Leticia Birghan

M&E Officer

ZIbi Alva - H4BF


Programs Cordinator - Nutrition Program

Gladys Mabel Cantelmi

Ambassador for Europe

Roderique - H4BF

Rodrick Wanyu Nyuydzenjo

Field Coordinator

Bisona Solange

Programs Coordinator

Brenda Ngome Haddison

Logistics Officer

Clovis Batinyuy - H4BF

Ngehdzeyem Clovis Batinyuy

Director of I.T. Programs

Ngwa Henry

Human Resource manager

Antoinnete Suiru

procurement officer

Amidu Abdu Razargi

Finance Manager

Ngah Paulinus

Coordinator, Educatin Programs

Ndzenkongang Kepeh Mustapha

Coordinator WASH PROGRAM

The new strain of Covid-19 is more deadly and dangerous. Prevention is Better than Cure!

H4BF urges the public to keep safe from the deadly pandemic by respecting the measures put in place by the World Health Organization in order to curb the spread.