In alignment with the universal values of respect, equity and justice, and H4BF’s commitment to people and the concept of human rights, the mission of the Gender Equity Commission is to contribute to achieving equality of opportunities for health and human development for the women and men with which we work and serve. Our mission requires the utilization of a gender perspective.

From this perspective we proactively identify areas and opportunities for improvement, and implement projects accordingly, thereby allowing individuals to fully achieve their potential, without the interference of gender-based bias, inequity or injustice.

While working towards equity, we embrace differences between women and men and focus on optimizing the potential of all human beings, men and women alike.

We are committed to achieving equity through the activities we implement, the systems we set up, the organizational policies we adhere to, and the organizational culture we foster.

We recognize that to achieve equity, changes are needed, and acknowledge the fact that true change starts from within each person. In our own organization and in the communities, we serve, we share our commitment and work towards gender equity in respectful and clear ways, while respecting individuals’ rights to be uniquely different and to make his/her own decisions.


H4BF is an organization dedicated to diversity and inclusion.

We are committed to the equitable treatment of all individuals, encouraging their mutual respect, participation, and acceptance.

Because we acknowledge diversity as a valuable asset to our organization, we strive to continually develop cultural competencies that support and enhance the effective use of the talents and abilities of all employees.

Engaging individuals from a variety of cultures and identities creates an enriching work environment, that supports our desire progress with the optimal solutions.

H4BF People join us because they want to make a difference; together we continue to do so.


We believe that Cameroon has 27 million talents rather than 27 million issues. Therefore, we use the SOFT POWER of music, art, sports and play to mobilize and inspire women and young people. 

We believe that there is more in common with us than what divides us. As a result, we facilitate DIALOGUE both inside and among communities and stakeholders.

We think that increasing gender equality is vital to all aspects of a healthy society, from poverty reduction to boosting girls' and boys' health, education, protection, and well-being. As a result, we work to ensure that women and girls have choice over their futures, are regarded as leaders, have access to the resources they need to develop, and live in safe communities where their rights are respected.

Polarization, fanaticism, and conflict are believed to be triggered by a lack of perspective. As a result, we provide PERSPECTIVE to women and young people through skill development, capacity building, and leadership training.

H4BF acknowledges that many forms of shocks and strains, not only major disasters, can damage a family's coping mechanisms and ability to overcome adversity and thrive. As a result, we assist vulnerable communities in overcoming adversity by responding to crises, addressing core causes of vulnerability, and establishing recovery and resilience foundations.


We promote innovation from the ground up in Cameroon to advance women and girls, improve health, reduce hunger, and overcome adversity, resulting in meaningful and measurable impact in people's lives.


  • Humanity

    Our service is to humanity. We believe that there is no greater way to making the world a better place than showing love to each other - especially to those who are oppressed and rejected.

  • Integrity

    Our communication is factual, and our activities are real. While we make it a priority to represent actual information about the constituents of H4BF, we try to present these facts in a most dignifying way.

  • Transparency

    H4BF stands for the utmost transparency. With progress reports, financial audits, and regular updates on our website and social media platforms, we show that whatever funds we receive, we channel them to the purpose for which they have been given.

  • Creativity

    We go beyond conventional ideas and approaches so new possibilities and innovation can flourish to ensure real and lasting positive change.

  • Impartiality

    Our actions are carried out on the basis of need alone, giving priority to the most urgent cases of distress and making no distinctions on the basis of nationality, race, gender, religious belief, class or political opinions.

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How We Help

H4BF is dedicated to improving community health, ending hunger, and overcoming adversity around the world. Our efforts affected the lives of almost 2 million people in Cameroon's four regions (North West, South West, Littoral, and West), but what's even more exciting is to see how each of those individuals will continue to make a positive effect in their families and communities in the years ahead.

With our 12 years of experience, we have completed over 254 projects in Cameroon's four regions (North West, South West, West, and Littoral) that have had a significant and lasting societal impact. We welcome you to have a look at some of our stories.

We believe in ‘values' and ‘creating value' at H4BF. A sense of deep empathy, care for others, intellectual curiosity, and a commitment to learning, creativity, and developing our individual and communal competence are all part of our common DNA. As a result, value-driven partners such as UN agencies, corporations, and family foundations fund H4BF. We work together to develop campaigns, concepts, and funds that allow us to expand our local influence and make it genuinely sustainable.


Our main purpose is to have a long-term impact on the community. We accomplish this by partnering with residents in the communities we serve to provide the tools, training, and resources they need to rise beyond poverty and provide a healthy, bright future for their family.

We have a set of common principles and an unrelenting commitment to excellence via integrity, collaboration, and dedication. This commitment is critical to preserving our brand, maintaining confidence with our stakeholders, and guaranteeing the highest standards of ethics and behavior in all of our operations. We assume personal responsibility for adhering to the highest professional standards.


We are a diverse, global group that achieves outstanding outcomes by strong individual commitment and common belief in our mission, vision, values, and strategic goals. We retain a commitment to quality and a strong focus on the people and communities we serve as we strive for excellence.

We value personal accountability and respect, as well as equality, inclusion, collaboration, and empowerment. Every day, each of us at H4BF has a responsibility to safeguard our brand and standards. Integrity isn’t just a nice word, it is something we live out every day as we hold ourselves accountable and deliver results.


H4BF People join us because they want to make a difference, and we continue to make a difference together. In Cameroon, we go where the need is highest, to the poorest villages. We fight for transformative change because we believe in people's ability to change their own lives. Individuals, families, local groups, and governments can build on and sustain the victories we achieve together because we leave a lasting, positive communal effect.


H4BF approach is integrated, participatory and holistic; actively involving the beneficiaries at every stage of project cycle from programming, identification, formation, execution, monitoring and evaluation. With very little resources, H4BF through her approach is able to bring desirable impact in these communities.

In a nutshell, meeting H4BF’s vision and mission for sustainable outcomes related to health, hunger and hardship are only possible if we innovate, strengthen local capacity at all levels, invest in and harness the potential of women and girls, and continually improve our understanding about, and evidence of, sustainable impact. This is why these are considered H4BF’s “national and global priorities” as they cut across all of H4BF’s intervention areas and are the key drivers of the kind of impact we strive for.


H4BF is run by a group of women and young, agile, versatile and enthusiastic young Cameroonians with a 6-man board of directors who are responsible for overseeing and supervising the activities of the organisation. There is the executive director who heads the organisation and directs and coordinates her activities and then the programs coordinator who is responsible for managing all project/program activities including all project constraints such as cost, schedule, risk, human resources, quality, procurements and stakeholders. Each program within the organigram has a sub-program coordinator who reports directly to the Programs Manager and then field workers who coordinate field activities. There is a financial secretary who handles all organisations funds, disbursements and payments. We also have volunteers and interns who are distributed across the various projects and activities of the organisation depending on their stipulated internship objectives.

H4BF is represented in all communities we operate by focal persons. Being a part of the grassroots movement mobilizes them to carryout need assessments in their respective communities with used of prepared templates and tools in all 5 areas of intervention, hand in hand with community leaders, H4BF used reports of these assessments for fundraising in which if successful, intervention follows. In this way, the movement can be seen as an inspirational knowledge network of passionate changemakers who constantly motivate each other and co-create for local social impact.