Why It Matters

Shocks and stresses can be sudden or gradual in onset, natural or man-made, and take many forms, affecting diverse populations. Women, marginalized groups, single-headed households, individuals with impairments, the elderly, farmers, and fishermen, for example, will all require different emergency methods and solutions.

H4BF is committed to overcoming adversity and assisting in the development of disaster-resilient communities.
By responding to crises, addressing core causes of vulnerability, and laying the groundwork for recovery and resilience, we help vulnerable communities overcome adversity.

To overcome adversity in already vulnerable areas, focused and imaginative efforts are essential. H4BF has been working on the front lines of humanitarian crises since 2009.
Not only extreme disasters, but a variety of shocks and pressures can affect a family’s coping skills and ability to overcome adversity and grow, according to H4BF. Minor home or community-level disasters can have devastating consequences for people’s lives and livelihoods, and they frequently go undetected at the local and national levels.


Our Approach to Overcoming Hardship

To overcome adversity in existing vulnerable areas, concentrated and imaginative efforts are needed. H4BF has been on the front lines of humanitarian disasters since 2009.
H4BF understands that a family’s coping mechanisms and ability to survive in the face of adversity can be impacted by a variety of shocks and pressures, not only extreme disasters. Minor house or community catastrophes can have devastating consequences for people’s lives and livelihoods, and they frequently go undetected at the local and national levels.

H4BF’s approach to overcoming adversity always begins with improving a community’s ability to cope with shocks and pressures while simultaneously reducing its vulnerability to future crises. Second, H4BF works with community organizations, local schools, and the commercial sector to build long-term disaster risk management strategies.

H4BF’s Humanitarian Assistance and Resilience Unit works to eliminate poverty and build strong communities. In order to achieve this goal, H4BF’s work is directed by four strategic methods:

  • We provide emergency assistance across sectors to disaster-affected communities in order to save lives, enhance livelihoods, and reduce vulnerability to future shocks and stressors.
  • We work with vulnerable communities to help them become more resilient and prepared for future disasters.We ensure that other humanitarian and development groups benefit from H4BF’s activities by providing assistance that enables recovery and resilience.
  • We transform high-risk, squatter-infested urban settlements into communities that are safer, healthier, food secure, and profitable.
  • H4BF’s risk management solutions have been scaled across four of Cameroon’s affected regions, many of which began as small community-based pilot programs.