Parents Volunteer and caregivers Support Water Rehabilitation Project in Didango Village

Parents and caregivers Volunteer to Support Water Rehabilitation Project in Didango Village.

The initiative was grounded by H4BF in partnership with RDF Cameroon to rehabilitate the water catchment and enhance its water distribution network in the village of Didango. It was welcomed and supported across the community especially school children. In this light to illustrate their will and support to collaborate in the implementation of this project, these school pupils together with some village youths volunteered in several occasions to assist in the transportation of sand and gravel amongst other construction materials, to aid the project implementation.

This volunteering from parents and caregivers accelerated and quicken the execution phase as it required excessive man power to transport construction material up across the enclaved and hilly paths to reach the water catchment sites because these places couldn’t be accessible even on a motorcycle.

It should be noted that this lone primary school in this village was one of the principal beneficiary of the project. Enormous support from parents and caregivers in volunteering in the transportation of construction materials to the construction sites, elucidated their impatience to welcome the constant flow of portable drinking water in this school especially during the dry season as this has only been an illusion in the past years.

Didango is a Muslim dominated community, made up of mostly the Bororos It is located few kilometers from Koutaba in the Noun Division of the West Region of Cameroon.

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