Empowering Through Training & Resources To Put Knowledge Into Action


Hope for a better future (H4BF), created in 2009 and registered in 2014 as a cooperative with board of directors, with increasing developmental and humanitarian needs and challenges in Cameroon, she was updated as nonprofit organization in 29th June 2017 with Ref No, 29/E.29/750/SAAJP to meet up with the development challenges facing rural communities in Cameroon. It’s initial mission to create more opportunities for inclusive growth and poverty reduction to enhance sustainable development in Cameroon, is enriched with a focus on gender equality, child protection and women climate entrepreneurs.

After the anglophone crisis started in late 2016. During this crisis many of our beneficiary women lost their means of livelihood and some were displaced. We saw the need to prioritize humanitarian response in our programs while providing innovative solutions to the climate crisis and the need of putting women at the core of these solutions in a sustainable and entrepreneurial manner. This to contribute to sustainable development within communities in Cameroon and in order to help people acquire their own autonomy.

H4BF has been an active partner and a strong advocate in the fields of Gender Equity, Good Governance, Child Protection, and Gender-Based Violence, Peace Building, and Environmental Protection since 2014.

In its first 3 years of its existence, H4BF Cameroon did not only succeed in putting up significant work in various areas of development, but built up models for such activity for replication, and have tremendously scaled-up in recent times.

Strategic Thrust Areas

Objective 1

To sensitize and empower women and girls on relevant social and economic issues, support and sustain other philanthropic initiatives for women empowerment and enhance active participation of women and girls in leadership at local, national and international levels.

Objective 2

To promote the education and training of the girl child through scholarships and organizing educative seminars and sensitization campaigns that will empower them economically,

Objective 3

To raise awareness on women’s rights, the consequences of discrimination, violence and harmful cultural practises on girls such as child marriage amongst others practised in our communities, and promote the fight against these practices.

Objective 4

To promote healthy living practices and emphasize the role of nutrition and health through various community projects thereby reducing hunger and poverty through achieving food security and promotion of entrepreneurship for sustainable livelihood.