Women Empowered to start small businesses in Nkambe, Donga Mantung


As part of the efforts to achieve its vision: “Improvement of socio-economic status of rural women and wellbeing of children and the community as a whole”, H4BF with support from Stichting Serra Foundation organized a three-day training for vulnerable women in Nkambe- Donga Mantung Division to equip them on skills to start and manage small businesses.

The objective of the training was to improve the business management skills of these women to guarantee maximum income. The training topics included Financial Management Skills, Record Keeping, Customer Care, Calculating Profit and Cost Categorization. The training was facilitated by H4BF Team. During the training, the women were encouraging to constitute themselves into a self-help group and choose their leaders. Three positions were proposed; President, Secretary and Treasurer. After receiving training, these women were given start up grant to enable them start up or maintain their respective businesses. H4BF will continue to monitor their progress and provide with the mentorship and continues support needed for them to be self sustainable.

The training session also elaborated to the participants that the business and the owner are separate, hence the dealings of the owner is separate from the business. However, it was stressed that they as business owners have two very important and valuable roles in life and that is being a business owner and a member of a family and each dealings for the two role should be kept separated at all times and never in any phase of the business they should be merged into one hat.

Furthermore it was emphasized to the participants that the aim of the business is to make profit and grow. Therefore, stressed upon the point that the growth and success of their business will depend on how well they manage the resources of their business and also their ability to evaluate the opportunity and use it to their advantage. They are reminded that they need to take full responsibility of their business as the full control and all decision making authority of their business lies only with them. They were informed that their success will guarantee the continuation of the project.

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